CRM, for the automotive sector

Simple CRM  help to manage all aspects of the relationship between the automotive delarship and his customers.


SCRM Features

A CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is a revolutionary tool in the sales and marketing field.

Indeed, a CRM goes beyond the traditional approach focused on the relationship between a product/service and its customer or even reputation and brand image.

Thanks to the functionalities offered by CRM, the company can maximize customer loyalty, improve their satisfaction at the same time increase the efficiency of employees, and therefore increase sales.

SCRM solution

The Simple CRM solution meets the majority of business needs in the automotive sector.

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Benefits of SCRM

Simple interface

SCRM presents you with a simple and well-organized interface to make it easy for users to navigate the system.

Speed and efficiency

Automatisation des tâches, accès rapide à l’information, communication facilitée et gestion des ventes accélérée.

Improved productivity

SCRM allows you to centrally manage customer data and automate marketing campaigns.

Better decision making

SCRM gives you advanced data analysis tools and presents you with personalized reports based on real-time data.

Improved customer satisfaction

Centralized customer information in SCRM allows you to personalize the customer experience: satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer relationship management

SCRM records the complete history of customer interactions, making it easier to manage relationships and resolve issues.

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