SCRM solution

What is CRM ?

CRM, Customer Relationship Management or GRC for customer relationship management, is a revolutionary tool in the sales and marketing field.

Indeed, a CRM goes beyond the traditional approach focused on the relationship between a product/service and customer or even reputation and brand image. Thanks to the functionalities offered by CRM, the company can maximize customer loyalty, improve their satisfaction at the same time increase the efficiency of employees and therefore increase sales.

Simple CRM solution

Simple CRM is our solution to effectively manage all aspects of the relationship between the company and its customers, from tracking prospects and creating quotes, integrating the company’s customers and the progress of their orders, including the follow-up of appointments, and the implementation of after-sales service.

The solution meets the majority of business needs as standard, which allows optimization of deployment time.

Basic modules



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SCRM displays overall CRM activity for administrators, managers as well as individual performance for each salesperson in graph form.

Account Manager

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SCRM allows you to manage accounts and contacts with a detailed file and to add standard information, the source of prospects and purchase deadlines…

Quote management interface

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The interface displays the list of all quotes generated by the CRM for administrators and managers. For salespeople, each salesperson can only view their own quotes.

Appointment Calendar

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Each contact, account and quote has an associated appointment calendar: which allows the salesperson to organize their commercial approach.

Vehicle management

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This module allows you to add vehicles, their technical characteristics and their prices: the module manages the ranges and versions. The multi-brand version allows the CRM to manage several brands at the same time.

Sending automatic quotes

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The module allows you to automate the process of sending quotes for requests arriving via the web, through web forms and dispatch requests to salespeople in a fair manner and by region.

Notification system

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The CRM sends visual alerts at the interface and e-mail level to inform salespeople about new requests arriving from the web, requests without an appointment for commercial follow-up (the content of the e-mails is customizable).

Multi-showroom management

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The CRM organizes access by showroom and each showroom belongs to a region to facilitate the dispatch of quotes and the organization of requests.

Dynamic tax management

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​The tax part of the CRM is dynamic and versatile. It covers all possible scenarios (tax, rental agency tax, etc.).

Management of cancellation causes

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Each canceled quote requires the association of a cause of cancellation and the summary of the causes is visible on the managers’ dashboard.

Optional modules

Customer complaints management

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The module allows you to centralize and organize complaint requests that come from the digital or physical channel. The management table displays the status of requests by color code. Automatic reminders are sent to the complaints manager, so as not to miss a new request or the processing of a current request.

Multi-brand module

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The module allows dealers who manage several brands to have the possibility of generating personalized quotes for each brand and to support the automatic process of web quotes for several brand sites.

Interfacing with

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The module makes it possible to automate the reception and processing of quotes issued on in real time.

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